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Wuxi Night Scene

Wuxi, dubbed the "Little Shanghai", referring to its massive development in economy, is a city with a history of 3,000 years. When two fugitive princes found this area, where the tin deposits were abundant, they called it Youxi, meaning “has lots of tin” in Mandarin Chinese. After the tin mine ran out in 25 A.D., it got the present name Wuxi, meaning in Chinese “no more tin”. But other historians disagreed. Regardless of the controversy, Wuxi is one of important origins for the Wu Culture, which has dominated the region of Yangtze River South since then.

In Ming and Qing dynasties, Wuxi was already an agricultural center and a significant national rice market for the dynasties. With a continuous development, Wuxi became a hub of the textile industry, both light and heavy industry in early 20th century until after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. Now the city’ gross domestic product indax is ranked at the 9th among 659 Chinese major cities and at the second in Jiangsu Province, even exceeding the GDP of the provincial capital, Nanjing.

Acknowledged as an arts and cultural center, you would never forget Wuxi’s clay figures and Yixing Teapot, specialties of Chinese arts. Of cause, you would never forget its booming economy, its beautiful mountains and lakes, including Lake Tai (or Lake Taihu).

Today, Wuxi is recognized as the "Most Aspiring City of Prosperity and Civilization in the Southeast of China", and is one of cities with thriving economy and frequent exchanges with the outside world. More >>

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