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Wuxi Film and TV Studio

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Location: Wuxi
Address: Junzhang Hill, Wuxi, Jiangsu 214081, China
Fee: 40 Yuan/ticket for Three Kingdon Town, 90 Yuan/ticket for Three Kingdom;The Outlaws of the Marsh Town, 120 Yuan/ticket for all three downs.
Operation: 7:30 18:00, Monday to Sunday
Route: Bus No. 82, 212, or tourist buses, all the location

Phone: 86-510-8555 5219

The Taihu Lake Film and TV Studio Town (Central Television Taihu Film and Studio) was founded in 1987 by the China Central Television station and is a must-see place. The studio has erected several towns for filming, including Tang Dynasty Town, European Style Town, Three Kingdom Town and Outlaws of the Marsh Town.

Three Kingdom Town was constructed specifically for filming the movie series - Roman of the Three Kingdoms. The town occupies 35 hectares and its construction area reaches 85,000 square meters, which displays many of historical scenes for the Three Kingdoms period.

The Outlaws of the Marsh Town is nearby the Three Kingdoms Town and occupies 40 hectares. The town is constructed to film a movie series and can be divided into 3 major parts: ancient municipal area, ancient capital area and Liangshan Hill area.

The Tang Dynasty Town occupies 15 hectares and includes a palace, a royal garden, the streets, a terrace and the Huaqing Pool. The town was constructed for a number of movie series about stories happened in Tang Dynasty.

All the towns of the studio offer guided tours to the public and a particular slice of the illustrious history of the times. These towns attached to their special historical heritages are excellent tourist attractions.

Spend two to three days there for the best tourist location of Wuxi including nearby Lake Tauhu.

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